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Multi-gigabyte video files are loaded and written nearly instantaneously. Fix for sporadic file writing error. Additional options to chapter Web Search. ChapterDb mirror now searched if ChapterDb not available.

Download Metadata for Mac - Best Software & Apps

Chapter titles can now be copied from Safari and pasted into MetaDoctor usage details in the Help menu. I was updating an install and re-importing a lot of large videos into iTunes - and fixing the tags in the process. The files were taking forever to update with iTunes. I decided to look up other methods of editing the tags.

I just removed file from itunes, edited the tags in this and re added it and it was good to go may be an easier way of updating but just figuring it out for now. This one works. All the other well publicized meta taggers that I tried 6 of them? Maybe I will find things along the way I won't like or wish was different - but I'm happily tagging now and thats more than any other program was offering.

This one is well made and just works. Also, because I share multiple quality versions of my files, I sprung for the pro version to easily copy chapter markers and tags from one file to another.

Meta, Music Tag Editor for Mac — Batch edit audio metadata

Big thanks to th developer! Mac App Store Preview. Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. Description Adding metadata to your video files has never been easier. Jul 11, Version 2. Size 7. Category Video. Like 1. Actually its an open source project. It is presently working for me on Like 3. Having a problem downloading artwork for movies. Can anybody help. Have you gone to IMDB? They have posters for most shows.

If you can not simply drag them to your desktop do a screen snap using command shift 4 - drag over area. Nice editor. I needed something to fix a tag in a movie for Plex that I suspected was embedded, and this did the trick! Awesome tagger for itunes, I owe this app allot! Newest update crashes on some movies, temp solution is other taggers. Since I couldn't figure out how to use it, I will refrain from rating it But it is loaded with some bad signs.

Looking for something to supplement missing actual metadata editing in Subler, but this isn't it.

Create a tag system to organize and find files and other information faster

Okay, started to figure it our in opening an MP4 duh. Does not find metadata for half the episodes of the new prime time shows I watch.

Chapter editor is worthless, does not correctly read the number or duration of entries in a chapter file Serious work is needed here, since I know the chapter file works as is and is produced correctly by Subler. More later perhaps. I loved MeaX and have been using for years. Seeing this was an upgrade to one of my favorite tools, of course I tried it.

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It totally blew all of my files up. Too bad - really wanted it to work.

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MetaZ comes with four metadata lookup plugins installed, but github shows there are two additional plugins: Amazon and IMDB. How do I get and install those two additional plugins? Miss the Moo of Meta X, it was a good laugh. Cannot add covers.

Cross-platform tagging and annotation for every file and folder

Overall really nice. Huge thanks from Brazil!!

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