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Windows Personalization Screen Savers Dog Screen Cleaner screensaver A Free Desktop customization program for Windows Dog Screen Cleaner screensaver is a nice, free Windows software, being part of the category Desktop customization software with subcategory Screensavers and has been created by Warnerbros. View full description. Softonic review Dog Screen Cleaner screensaver is a nice, free Windows software, being part of the category Desktop customization software with subcategory Screensavers and has been created by Warnerbros.

More about Dog Screen Cleaner screensaver Since we added this software to our catalog in , it has reached 19, downloads, and last week it had 1 download. Super Mario Bros Level Loving the classics. Security Screensaver Use this screensaver to scan your PC for viruses. Clownfish Aquarium Live Wallpaper Watch clownfish in your personal aquarium. Download Dog Screen Cleaner screensaver 2 for Windows. Free Download for Windows. User reviews about Dog Screen Cleaner screensaver Review. London Subway Simulator.

Data Recovery Software. Startup Inspector for Windows. PDF Reader for Windows 7. Halo: Reach theme. Sport Video Player.

Dog Screen Cleaner

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder. Your review for Dog Screen Cleaner screensaver -. No thanks Submit review. I need dog I am blind but hearing is good. I good ears, so cd need to see music. Thank you! I't seriously made it worse I can't even use it now. It was messed up, but it kind of worked the sound would cut out after a certain amount of time, but hey I figured I would use the toothpaste trick, because a lot of people use it and swear it works It froze on my computer afterwords Hi Lindsay, I realize this might be a silly question, but did you make sure the clean it off thoroughly before you tried it again?

The toothpaste can obviously get trapped in the scratches so thoroughly cleaning it off well after the buffing is an important step! Yeah man the toothpaste method in my opinion is as real as jenkem. Thier both things that thousands on the net claim is real but is just another legend for us to all get excited about with embarrassingly disappointing results Mythbusters anyone?

But really, look up jenkem everybody.

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Its xxxxx up shit. Hi, i have this cd that has really deep scratches made by a pen i assume my sister scratched it up, i dont know why would this work? Hey Ryan, I use a car care product on my discs and a microfibre cloth. I have brought back to life so many Playstation discs, some that would not even load, mostly with just one application. One stubborn disc had about 10 cleans as it continually stopped reading the further I progressed in the game, and each clean let me keep going until I completed it.

Went all the way from unreadable to completed. This stuff just keeps building on the repairs it has already done. You only need a tiny drop the size of a chocolate chip to clean a whole disc, not just a small part of it, so it's far greater value than products sold specifically for disc cleaning. You could do 's of discs from one bottle.

‘Dog Licking Screen Screensaver’ Articles at Nuganics

FYI, toothpaste is really good for cleaning the grease off your hands after you've been working on the car. I think there's some concepts left a little murky by this article and following comments You can put a scratch in THAT side of the disk with a light fingernail touch So be very gentle and careful where you put it down while you rub your stuff on the plastic side.

Repairing a hugely damaged plastic side of the disk is simple and effective.

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You are buffing a blemish and taking off some of the plastic to smooth out the damage and allow the light to pass undeflected. I use a buffing machine and have repaired completely unreadable disks that have sit on the floor of the car for months kids! Be careful using machines and buffing Be careful but I've never had a failure if it's just cleaning up the plastic side.

Takastone - Awesome points about the opposite side of the disk. A lot of folks believe that since there's a label then that side is protected, but you bring up an excellent point. Put a deep stratch on that side of the disk and you may as well throw it in the garbage! Thanks for your comment! A couple of notes, first off - good article. I have seen many CD's and DVD's trashed when a simple resurfacing could have restored them to playabilty.

However, I would recommend NOT using soap and water to clean any disc, as the water will tend to cause the aluminum layer to separate from the acrylic substrate. Isopropyl alcohol aka rubbing alcohol works great for cleaning and will prevent separation. Make sure to gently clean in straight lines from the inside rim to the outside.

Second, use the same stroke for the toothpaste or Brasso, straight lines from inside rim to outer rim with a soft, lint-free cloth. The reason is that circular strokes will lead to longer grooves that more readily deflect the laser beam and cause mis-reads and errors. I swear by using Pledge wood polish. The spray kind, regardless of scent works to fill the small scratches in CD's and I use it regularly. The wax that is sprayed out on the CD fills the gaps and makes your CD's like new again. I've used it probably 30 times with only a few failures due to really deep scratches.

Kids movies are safe again!! Hey Shaun - thanks for your comment.

Good point! Waxing is another approach I've heard people use with great success, although I believe wax is a temporary solution.

Dogs Licking Screen GIFs

So I'm curious - do your wax-repairs last long after you get the CD to start playing again? They do last for the entire time the disc is playing but may need occasional re-application. The thing is, pledge is seriously cheap, quick and easy to apply. It may not be permanent but it sure works in a hurry when you have an upset 4 year old wanting to watch Thomas the Tank! Yes - but with DVDs you'll want to be more careful for a few reasons.

There's a LOT more data jammed together on there! I have heard Brasso does the trick. I have used toothpaste on several occasions and found that most times it worked only on shallow scratches. Deeper scratches require the disc to be polished by my local video store clerk. Ezra, peanut butter? It sure does - although grittier toothpaste like with baking soda works best. As other readers have commented, Brasso definitely works as well - but if you don't have any available, just dig out your toothpaste and buff away!

This was a useful and informative post, and I learned some things that I'm now going to try at home. I hate to nitpick, but there's just no way that the time delay in the the light "echo" is how a CD reader works. Light is really, really fast and the pits are really shallow.

Yes, technically you're right and that one line was sloppiness on my part - the 0 or 1 comes from whether or not the laser is reflected or refracted. Almost literally the light coming back turns off or on because a pit doesn't return the light to the reader - not a "delay. Don't worry about nitpicking - nitpickers keep the facts straight. I put a small amount of Brasso on a cotton ball and gently rub small circles on the disc, until it is well covered. I let this sit for about five minutes, then take the disc to the sink and rinse it off with lukewarm water and a very small amount of hand soap.

Then I dry it off with a microfiber cloth or some other lint free substance.

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This has worked for me almost every time, unless the scratch extends beyond the depth of the plastic into the inner coating. Top Deals. Christian Cawley September 26, Updated September 26, 5 minutes. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy.

It worked for my Legend of Zelda windwaker disc! Reading the CD in a different drive has worked a few of times. But toothpaste polishing, never. Ryan Dube. Eddie Badjem.