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  1. OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Read Receipt Feature Missing In Apple Mail?
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I am relatively new to mac and mail.

OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Read Receipt Feature Missing In Apple Mail?

Posted on May 9, 1: Page content loaded. May 9, 3: Incidentally, those only work in a Windows environment as I recall for computers on the same network. Read receipts are quite useless bits of internet cruft. Most all? Read receipts have been frequently abused by spammers to verify addresses, and there are privacy issues that bother a lot of people as well.

So, you should really ask yourself why you want this capability.

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What does it tell you if you don't get a read receipt? Absolutely nothing. Open the web interface to your mail server. Use the Auto-configure iCal option. Enter your Email username and password. Click OK to save the file to your computer.

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Firefox Downloads Window. Reveal the download. Double click on the file. Install iCal Config Tool. No changes here. Close iCal. This is where the program is configuring your computer for your access to the Mail Server. Wait a while….

How to sync information between your Macintosh computers, iPads and iPhones. - Macintosh How To

Open iCal…. Create a new Event. Type in the name of the person you want to invite. Understanding symbols Posted on October 22, by 4macs.

Apple Mail violating me

Symbols next to calendars, events, and to-do items provide information about the item. Calendar symbols The events on the calendar or on all the calendars in a calendar group are showing in the main calendar view. The guests indicated by the checkmark have accepted your invitation In the title bar of an event: To-Do item Symbols The to-do item has been completed.

Main iCal Window symbols In Month view, three dots an ellipsis at the top of the day indicates there are more events on that day than can be shown. Drag in Day or Week view of a calendar to create an event.

Double-click the event to open the event editor. Click Edit, and then click Add Attendees.

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Type the names of the people you want to invite to your meeting. To see the availability of your guests, click Available Meeting Times. Drag the meeting backward or forward to find a time when attendees are available. To have iCal show you the next time all attendees are available, select Next Available Time. In the calendar view, your meeting moves to the time you selected. All items, such as messages, contacts, events and tasks, in all folder types will also be sorted by the alphabet of the language set as preferred. In result, if for example English is set as preferred and subjects are in German, subjects will be ordered by English alphabet and some specific national characters may also cause problems in sorting.

Reload every This option controls the folder tree restore and reminder display. Preferred skin Skin of the interface can be set in the menu. Save the settings to switch to activate the new skin. Number of displayed messages Use this option to set the number of messages that will be displayed in the message list.

This option applies also to number of events, contacts, tasks and notes which will be displayed at one page.

Delete messages permanently Enable this option if you want that items deleted by the Delete key are removed right away instead of moved to Deleted Items. The settings apply to all folders save Deleted Items and Junk E-mail. Items in these two folders are always removed for good. Date format Selection of the date display.

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  7. The date form follows this pattern: Time format Set time format which will be applied to time display in all folders. Time zone Time zone settings are based on Kerio MailServer by default. Reading pane This type of window is available in mail folders only. The subwindow can be positioned either on the right or at the bottom of the active window or it can be hidden. Default sender address The email address from which the messages are sent. Address for replies Address to which replies will be sent the Reply-To: Signature The signature added automatically to all messages sent from the Kerio WebMail interface including replies and forwarded messages.

    Display images from the web Each message with HTML body can contain links to images stored on the remote server. If this option is enabled, the images will be downloaded from the server. This way, active mailboxes can be identified easily and misused for the purpose of sending spam messages. Your computer can be also attacked due to browser security errors. For security reasons, it is recommended to leave this option inactive.

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    Mark displayed messages as read For better reference, new messages which have not been read yet are bold. If the Mark displayed messages as read option is enabled, new messages are marked as read when opened. Read messages in the message list are not displayed bold any more. This option is enabled by default. If you do not want the messages to be marked as read upon opening, clear this option. Automatic checks of address When recognized, the address of the recipient is filled out automatically upon entering, after the pointer is moved into other field. If there are more addresses that start with the string specified, the window with all appropriate addresses is opened.

    The search is performed in all folders set on the Mail composing tab. By default, the default private and public Contact folders are scanned. Message writing. This setting applies to all messages. Messages can be also composed in HTML format or in the plain text format by default and you can use the other alternative only when needed. This applies only to the selected message; the default settings are not changed. Move spam to the Junk E-mail folder Check this option to move all recognized unsolicited email directly to the Junk Email folder.

    This option also enables adding email addresses to the list of trustworthy users see below. Do not treat messages as spam… Spam whitelist The spam filter may mark even solicited message as spam, if it bears some spam characteristics. So called Spam whitelist enables to define senders who will not be considered as spammers by any means. Their messages will not be marked as spam. Add e-mail address of original sender… Upon each reply, the email address of the particular sender now becoming an addressee is added to the Spam whitelist automatically.

    This option determines that any email message replied is considered as non-spam. Any other messages sent from such addresses are automatically considered as non-spam. Also trust senders from… If this option is enabled, messages marked as spam which were sent from addresses included in the default contact folder are not moved to the Spam folder. This option simplifies whitelist definition. Messages You can click on Choose to select email folders which will be showed in the Today page. Calendar Use this option to specify the number of days displayed on one page of the calendar folders.

    First day in week This setting takes effect in Kerio WebMail in two cases: Thumbnail calendar in calendar folders — if Sunday is set as the first day of the week, weeks in thumbnail calendars start with Sundays. Ask Question.

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    I know such a feature is available in Outlook. Michal M Michal M 2, 11 34 I tested this using Mail on Snow Leopard connected to Exchange There is no ability to set a request to receive read receipts. Lion may vary. Stu Wilson Stu Wilson 5, 5 20 I have tested with newer Exchange servers on Lion and it seems to be consistent across the range - Mail.

    How Read Receipts work To ask for a read receipt an additional header needs to be added to your outgoing e-mails. Graham Miln Graham Miln